Competence in Online Marketing

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Optimize cost
and results

Control your
Markting channels

Knowledge transfer and current technologies

Individual solutions

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SEA, Social, Influencer, Display, Retargeting, SEO, Video...

The possibilities in online marketing are limitless – just as important as choosing marketing channels is laying the right foundations. This includes the optimization of your website as well as the adaptation of internal processes to the requirements of the market.

Create foundations

A well-functioning online presence and a conversion-optimized funnel are only part of the foundation for your success.

Create measurability

It is only possible to improve the results of your campaigns when they can be compared objectively. Together we can create the fundamentals.

Understand correlations

Collecting data is an important step - even more important is understanding the data and transform it into measures to increase your success.

Use the right tools

Tag Manager, Analytics, Adserver, Social Media Tools...

Advanced Online Marketing is also about using the right tools and implementing them in a proper way. So you can always keep track, facilitate your daily tasks and focus on what really matters: your business!

Find tools

Not every functionality is usefull for your company, but there are tools that will save a lot of work. I will help you choose the appropriate tools.


Without a proper connection to your systems, the best tools will not work as expected. I will consult you during the whole implementation progress.


In order to use the new tools in the best possible way, I offer initial trainings as well as constant support throughout the usage period.