Sell by the meter on Shopify?

Those who use Shopify and have special requirements often cannot avoid installing an extension or customizing the theme. That’s how one of my customers felt….

The task – fabrics should be sold by the meter, of course, there is a minimum length. Similarly, of course, this affects all Shopify stores that sell items in units other than pieces. So no matter whether you sell goods by meters, liters or kilograms.

A little research brought up several possible solutions:

Sell by the meter via product variants

If you have fixed length increments, this can be an alternative, so you simply create product variants for the different lengths. However, the whole thing becomes relatively confusing and unattractive when there are many length options. It is also not possible to order with centimeter accuracy in this way. This variant is definitely out of the question if you want to allow the customer to order from 50cm to 6m in 1cm increments…. Especially because the number of possible product variants is limited.

Use base price and customize Shopify template

The more elaborate option is to use base prices and customize the Shopify template. In order to continue using Shopify’s price calculation, the item price is given in the smallest unit that can be ordered, in this case the price for 1cm. In addition, the price per m was stored as the basic price in the article.

A separate template was created for the article, in which the input mask for the order quantity was modified so that at least 50cm must always be ordered. In addition, the article overview has been adjusted so that here is not the price per 1cm, but the base price per m is displayed, if it is meter goods.

Adjustments also had to be made to the shopping cart so that the overview is clear and understandable for the customer.

Customize Shopify

Fortunately, due to the open system, many things are possible in Shopify, including the sale of yard goods. Of course, one would wish for simpler solutions now and then, but in this case the result is quite satisfactory.

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