Online marketing thought differently!

Are you satisfied with the efficiency of your online marketing measures? Is the ratio of invested capital, time, know-how and the income achieved with it correct?

Or are you still unsure concerning the efficiency of your marketing channels?

My aim is transparent and independent advice for your online marketing.
Let’s bring light into the darkness of the advertising landscape together and find the optimal way for your company.

An exmple from my daily work that I see over and over again:

Malte runs an online shop for tea - he heard that people get good results from Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Ads and Display Marketing. So he decides to use all of these channels. After a few weeks he wants to look at the results - sales in the shop have increased, but he cannot see where the growth is coming from. Of the 100 sales in the last month, Google Ads statistics show 40, Facebook 30, affiliate network 50 and display marketing another 20. For Malte, it is not possible to break down which channel was responsible for a sale.

Many people who run online shops are in the same situation as Malte – without transparency it is impossible to judge the effictiveness of advertising measures and to spread budget for maximum revenue.

Together with you, I will lay the foundations for the optimal use of your marketing investment. Regardless of whether you run a running online shop with existing advertising channels, or whether you are just taking the first step into digital selling.

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